Image of A Production Scheduling Model Considering Cutting Tools for an FMS to Minimize Makespan

A Production Scheduling Model Considering Cutting Tools for an FMS to Minimize Makespan

This paper deals with production scheduling problems for a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) to be operated unmanned. The FMS consists of several parallel CNC machines with identical cutting tools such as drilling and milling cutting tools with different geometrical types on each tool magazine. A certain cutting tool type is required for a specific operation when processing a job. Jobs are processed through two stages with a setup before a process, and in each stage, there are sequential operations, where the assignment of the operation to each machine is based on the availability and the remaining life of the cutting tools. The time consumption of selected cutting tools will be measured by the production scheduling model. When the time consumption exceeds its cutting tool life, the operation will use another similar cutting tool type on the same machine. If there is no cutting tool that can be used on the machine, then the job will be moved to any of the other machines which have cutting tools required. The objective of this production scheduling model is to minimize makespan. Numerical experience showing the effectiveness of the proposed method is provided.


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Penerbit Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Society : Ho Chi Minh International Univ.,
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The 16th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering And Management Systems Conference
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