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Accounting for Sustainability practical insights
Author(s) : Anthony Hopwood - Jeffrey Unerman - Jessica Fries
The Director's Manual
Author(s) : Peter c. browning - william L Sparks
Digital Signal Processing
Author(s) : Li Tan - Jean Jiang
Financial Management
Author(s) : Bringham&Ehrhardt
Supplier Selection
Author(s) : Mukherjee, Krisnendu
Marketing 4.0
Author(s) : KOTLER, Philip - Kartajaya Hermawan - Setiawan Iwan
Designing and Managing the SUpply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies
Author(s) : Simchi-Levi, David - KAMINSKY, Phil - SIMCHI-LEVI, Edith
Creative Strategy in Advertising
Author(s) : DREWNIANY, Bonnie L. - JEWLER, A. Jerome
Author(s) : ROBBINS, Stephen P - COULTER, Mary
Essentials of Forensic Accounting
Author(s) : CRAIN, Michael A. - HOPWOOD, William S. - PACINI, Carl - YOUNG, George R.
FUndamentals of Physics
Author(s) : HALLIDAY, David - RESNICK, Robert - WALKER, Jearl
Supply Chain Management
Author(s) : Pujawan, Nyoman - Mahendrawathi
Demand-Driven Forecasting
Author(s) : CHASE Jr, Charles W.
Digital Image Processing
Author(s) : GONZALEZ, Rafael C - WOODS, Richard E
The Fundamentals of Graphic Design
Author(s) : AMBROSE, Gavin - HARRIS, Paul

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