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Author(s) : STEPHENS Larry J - SPIEGEL Murray R
Schaum's Outlines : Advanced Calculus
Author(s) : SPIEGEL, Murray - WREDE, Robert C.
The Best of Brochure Design
Author(s) : Willoughby Design Group
The Anatomy of Design
Author(s) : Heller, Steven - Ilic, Mirko
Global Graphics: Color
Author(s) : PETERSON, L.K. - CULLEN, Cheryl Dangel
Catalog Design: The Art of Creating Desire
Author(s) : EDWARDS, Dianna - VALENTINE, Robert
Fashion & Graphics
Author(s) : Blanchard, Tamsin
Store Windows No. 10
Author(s) : Martin M. Pegler
Type Image Message
Author(s) : SKOLOS, Nancy - THOMAS, Wedell
A Foundation Course in Drawing
Author(s) : STANYER, Peter - ROSENBERG, Terry

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